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mBlaze Multimedia Design, Inc.

mBlaze Multimedia Design, Inc. was founded in 2000 to provide creative services to clients worldwide. Located just outside Boston, Massachusetts, our services include video production and post production, CD and DVD authoring, Flash animation and website design.

James BurkemBlaze's founder and President, James Burke is an international award-winning video and multimedia Producer, Editor and Designer. He started mBlaze with the goal of merging video and multimedia technologies to effectively deliver communication messages across multiple mediums as efficiently and affordably as possible.

James is an Avid Master Editor (MEW '98) and was the original President of the new Boston Avid Users Group ( from 2005 through 2009. He has toured the country consulting and giving seminars on effects and media management for Avid Editing systems. He writes a weekly blog about video production and editing techniques, it can be found at

mBlaze continues to explore new media communications technologies as they become available and will continue to bring a passion to video and multimedia design not found in most metropolitan facilities.

mBlaze Multimedia Design works on the premise that all barriers are gone. The Internet changes both the way you need to communicate, and the way we create media. You can participate in that creation process from anywhere, and we can tap the best talent from everywhere. It‘s a virtual production facility that spans the country and delivers approval copies of every production directly to your web browser.

Today, mBlaze leverages a national network of artists, musicians, writers, and videographers to deliver a range of rich media products, which enhance your corporate communications and marketing efforts. Our pool of talent includes artists from all over the country.

Let mBlaze help you ignite your message with media - on air, on media, online, the spark starts here.

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